OMG ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-04-25 14:18:03 by PinkPigtails

SO! School is over!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! three melt downs later and its finally over, now I can join the real world and become a productive member of society...LOL!!!

Its nice to finally be able to sleep in, do my own art and now I can pursue different artistic avenues, its very exciting. Here is the most recent thing I have done

Anyways, these are a pair of shoes I did as an experiment. I was asked a little while ago if I did custom shoe painting, I said that I probably could but I wanted to do a pair to see if it would work, so I did Adventure Shoes!!!!! Fucking LOVE this show.

Its a pair of Paprika high heels, I used regular acrylic paint, and then a clear spray lacquer to seel it. These are not for sale, but I have decided that I will now start doing commissions for shoe painting. YAY!!!!!

So I am back and ready to start doing more art and I hope to have some cool stuff for you guys in the next few weeks!

<3 PinkP

OMG ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Pinkie no Life

2011-03-10 18:14:17 by PinkPigtails

So school has really gotten in the way of life in general and my artwork. On top of being in my last semester before I graduate (finally), my fiance and I went through home buying turmoil where we bought a house, and then found out the home owner had lied to us about many things, the paperwork we signed wasn't valid and we gave up the house...NOW we are trying to buy new but the house floor plan we like is sold out! AHHHHH!!!!!

But life isn't all bad. I'm in a band and we did a charity event for McMaster Sick Kids Hospital (BIG children's hospital in Canada) and raised a lot of money for the cancer ward. So that was awesome, and we got three more gigs out of it to! YAY! SO if your from the GTA and wanna know when we are playing check out this link --> and

Other than that...yeah thats about it ^^



2011-02-08 20:40:47 by PinkPigtails! I am Pink Pigtails. An artist, student, singer, animator, and Goddess. I am currently looking for someone to allow me to use their music for my student film. The leika will be posted so please take a look and let me know if you are interested.

Egoraptor is going to be playing a role in my film also, so I am looking for Chip-Tune and or 8bit music.