Little Pinkie no Life

2011-03-10 18:14:17 by PinkPigtails

So school has really gotten in the way of life in general and my artwork. On top of being in my last semester before I graduate (finally), my fiance and I went through home buying turmoil where we bought a house, and then found out the home owner had lied to us about many things, the paperwork we signed wasn't valid and we gave up the house...NOW we are trying to buy new but the house floor plan we like is sold out! AHHHHH!!!!!

But life isn't all bad. I'm in a band and we did a charity event for McMaster Sick Kids Hospital (BIG children's hospital in Canada) and raised a lot of money for the cancer ward. So that was awesome, and we got three more gigs out of it to! YAY! SO if your from the GTA and wanna know when we are playing check out this link --> and

Other than that...yeah thats about it ^^



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2011-03-11 00:34:33

love your art, keep up the good work :)

PinkPigtails responds:

thank you so much^^


2011-03-13 13:45:51

Just scan and send every so often - doesn't have to be museum quality. Good luck finding something habitable and in a good part of town. GTA? Excuse my ugly American ignorance, but when I see those three letters together, it's time to run, gun and both at the same time in Tony Hawk fashion! Awesome work so far!!

PinkPigtails responds:

im glad you like my artwork^^ lol the GTA stands for the Greater Toronto Area. so on the map along lake Ontario from Hamilton to Toronto.


2011-03-14 15:30:44

great art work keep up tha good work :)


2011-03-31 14:23:31

Thanks for the advice! Ill keep it in mind. Ive been attempting to replicate a lot of the drawings Ive seen here (yours included ^^;) for practice. Havent got exceptionally far : P But Ill keep it in mind, thank you