Entry #1


2011-02-08 20:40:47 by PinkPigtails

Yes...so...hello! I am Pink Pigtails. An artist, student, singer, animator, and Goddess. I am currently looking for someone to allow me to use their music for my student film. The leika will be posted so please take a look and let me know if you are interested.

Egoraptor is going to be playing a role in my film also, so I am looking for Chip-Tune and or 8bit music.



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2011-02-09 16:09:33

Welcome to NG.

PinkPigtails responds:

why thank you^^


2011-02-12 22:28:29

Pretty strong debut.... Just checked your web page, and I am impressed. Awesome use of color, composition, and gorgeous wavy lines. Can you post some songs to the audio portal?


2011-02-25 07:11:09

have a good time and welcome


2011-02-26 18:18:05

You're my newest favorite artist. Keep up the good work.


2011-03-10 17:57:25

http://8bc.org/music/ <- (Good free collection there)

heres a nice and easy tutorial for the music,

http://antonyc.deviantart.com/gallery /?offset=24#/d2n7zmk